All my services are charged by the hour.

My Rates:

  • $20 / Hour Service Fee ($0.33 / Minute)
  • $1 / Hour On-Site Travel Fee ($0.02 / Minute)
    Travel Fee is only for travel to your location for on-site services and is clocked as soon as I leave my office.
  • $5 Emergency Service Fee
    This fee is only for same day on-site services, if I'm available.

All fees are charged after service completion and billed via PayPal or collected on-site using Zettle.
Any checks returned as NSF will incur a $30 NSF fee and the balance will still be considered due.
I charge a 10% late fee for all bills not paid by the Due Date listed on your PayPal Invoice. (Generally 90 days after billing.)
Invoices with applied late fees not paid by the end of the year may be sent to a collections agency, and I may refuse any future service requests until it is paid in full.

Billing Payments Accepted


Visa | MasterCard | American Express | Discover

On-Site Payments Accepted

Exact Cash
I don't carry change, so any over payment will be considered a tip.

Zettle by PayPal (Chip/Tap)
Paypal | Venmo | Visa | MasterCard | American Express | Discover | Apple Pay | Google Pay | Samsung Pay

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